Typical agenda

Mediation of a single issue with a challenging history usually requires three to four hours. The issue can be a single grievance, or multiple complaints surrounding the same single concern.

Inter-linked, multiple issues can be undertaken simultaneously -- but take more time.

Unrelated, multiple issues are mediated separately -- same day or additional days.

Restarting stalled labor agreement negotiations requires varying amounts of time depending on complexity.

Regardless of the time needed, your agenda typically looks like this:

  • Introductions, identify non-participants impacted

  • Overview of the mediation process, risks of failure

  • Define the issue, set discussion limits with a problem statement

  • Identify common goals, interests

  • Brainstorm and define options, review objections

  • Link options to common goals and interests

  • Develop a solution statement

  • Discuss the value of a written agreement or memo of intention

  • Review participant commitments and conclude

At any time all participants are free to ask for a break or a caucus.