meeting rooms

Mediation discussions take place in a what we refer to as the Common Room. The Common Room allows all the participants to share ideas, concerns and to develop answers for the issue at hand.

The Common Room is set up in a conference style with enough seating space for the participants to spread out easily. The most important aspect of the Common Room is that it is located in a quiet place -- away from the temptations of other business and any interruptions by co-workers.

Access to a strong and steady WiFi signal is necessary if any participant will join via video conference. A conference speaker phone is arranged for those calling in.

A table with light refreshments of water, coffee and snacks makes for a more pleasant day.

Mediations with larger numbers of participants require additional, separate meeting rooms. We refer to these rooms as the Caucus Rooms. And sometimes parties simply prefer to have another place to meet in private and to take breaks.

Decisions about accommodations are covered during the Mediation Request phone call with us.